In our laboratory, we can carry out customer-specific tests with regard to electrical, mechanical and safety-relevant aspects:Discharge with constant current

  • Discharge with constant power
  • Charge and discharge with dynamic load profile
  • Vibration and shock
  • Electrical abuse test
  • nail and penetration test
  • Crush and much more


We have a large network and support you in all tests according to international standards in order to use your products worldwide.

Here you will find our approvals as pdf download.


  • UL 2054
  • Household & commercial batteries
  • Registered components or listed products
  • UL 2595
  • General requirements for battery powered devices
  • UL 62133
  • Safety requirements for batteries in portable applications
  • Further UL requirements upon request


VDE AR 2510-10

Electrical safety standard according to VDE AR 2510-10 for home storage systems
  • Vibration test
  • Thermal shock and cycle test
  • Mechanical shock and integrity
  • External short circuit
  • Overloading and deep-discharge
  • Overtemperature

ECE R-100 Rev. 2

Electrical safety ECE R-100 Rev. 2 for the powertrain of electric vehicles

  • Vibration test
  • Thermal shock and cycle test
  • External short circuit
  • Overloading and deep discharge
  • Overtemperature

UN 38.3

UN transportation test in acordance UN Manual of Tests and Criteria
ST/SG/AC.10/11/ Sub-Section 38.3

  • T.1      Altitude simulation
  • T.2      Thermal test
  • T.3      Vibration
  • T.4      Shock
  • T.5      External short circuit
  • T.6      Impact / crush
  • T.7      Overcharge
  • T.8      Forced discharge